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KETO Software taps to R4DAR service for compliance and cloud observability

Keto Software – the Return On Innovation company is an agile, easy to implement, efficient to use and cost-effective no-code, human-centric platform for innovation & development. KETO helps enterprises move on from spreadsheets for vital business processes, leverage or replace legacy ERPs and digitise processes.

The Keto Platform v5 combines process, portfolio, resource, budget and risk management in one elegant console. Together with enterprise and public sector customers, KETO has designed a seamless BI platform with a comprehensive feature set, all fully integrated – not bolt on, blades or disparate acquired technologies.

The Keto Platform is true Software-as-a-Service. It can be run virtually, with no need for IT contractors on site and with easy remote working for users.


With a growing global partner and customer network, KETO’s infrastructure is spread across multiple public clouds to support the local markets. For a SaaS -vendor the availability and performance of the service is critical, so it became important to measure these services to follow their performance.

Demanding KETO customers also required the company to complete an ISO -certification to verify quality of the processes. Technical controls of the ISO 20071 certification required collecting logs and metrics and managing them in a way that satisfied the certification requirements.

In addition, getting on time alerts for critical failures in the cloud environments was required to be able to quicker react to possible end user problems.


The solution was to use Datalounges R4DAR to visualize the workloads in various public clouds into a single pane of glass view, with the desired information and collect log, metrics and monitoring data from those clouds to a R4DAR archive for compliance.

KETO Software and Datalounges worked on a solution that would both satisfy the requirements of the ISO -certification and provide the desired observability of the multi-cloud deployment. The project kicked off with a design phase to gather the requirements and to decide how the KETO Software -deployment would be visualized. It was also decided to mark certain key server activities in a way that allowed gathering them into a separate view to better stay on top of security of the system.

The outcome was an off the Public Cloud log and metric archive that not just collected the desired data, but also provided up to date insight to usage of the systems, security information and events and application usage with alerts for critical system behavior.


The result of the design phase was a project that included injecting the agents to KETO environments, initiating the data collection, setting up visualizations with alerts and finally providing a customized view for both the devs and ops in KETO intranet.

Benefits of the solution for KETO software

  • Comply with technical controls of the ISO 20071 certification with no own infrastructure
  • Customized visualization of the multi-cloud deployment that allow quick and easy checking of the status of the SaaS -services
  • Alerting for undesired events in the cloud infrastructure saving time and effort from the technical team

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