Manage developer and operations access to resources

Deploy Cloud Native developer tooling effectively

Secure and control services while providing a great experience for developers

Developer Experience is a combination of best practices and technologies that let Devs focus on development and Ops on operations. With Datalounges you can implement access controls, build automation, move to cloud native versioning with secure private registry and pipelines to build and deploy your developer services.

Provide great services for developers

Get a shortcut to Cloud Native development. With Datalounges your Cloud Native versioning, development pipelines, private registry and continuous deployment are based on industry leading applications and practices. Datalounges Specialists help you set up your developer services quickly and efficiently for Cloud Native application deployments.

In addition to developer tools, Datalounges recommends access services to dev and ops resources that help control and manage developers in your environment and enable self-service for access for new and external developers.

Customer value

Set up Cloud Native developer services quickly and easily

Deploying and adopting Cloud Native applications is quickly becoming a necessity for digitalization efforts. Run successful projects by managinghow such applications are deployed.

Important things to consider for decision makers include

  • Who has access to business critical development resources and code and how is that access managed
  • How is security managed across development services and what controls are in place to make sure Cloud Native applications and platforms are secure
  • Are developer services easy to use and can Devs focus on development while Ops take care of operations.

Aspects of Cloud Native application delivery can be a complicated effort, which is why great developer services take time and effort to create. We offer you best practices, technologies and engineering that help you obtain both industry leading tools for Devs and controls for Ops.

How to buy the product

Deploy developer services with costs under control

Cloud Native developer services require

  • Pay-as-you-go capacity for the containerized applications
  • Pay-as-you-go storage
  • Product subscriptions depending on the size of the deployment
  • Optional advisory, onboarding and consulting services
  • Support and maintenance services

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Containerized Technology Automation

Our Developer Experience service is a combination of best-in-class containerized infrastructure components and engineering.

Developer interface of choice is a containerized GitLab that enables both versioning and pipelines to build applications. Continuous delivery is achieved for Managed Kubernetes customers and Manage and Secure customers with Rancher Fleet functionality. Similarly pipelines, container images and capacity are secured with SUSE NeuVector.

Datalounges recommends Harbor private registry for Cloud Native projects. It has the security controls necessary for a modern DevSecOps solution, scans the containers for vulnerabilities and has policies to control unsecure containers. The registry works as a gatekeeper and scans containers regularly to keep the ops up to date on security vulnerabilities.

Optionally you will be provided with a KeyCloak instance to enable secure, self-service access integrated with your user store to provide self service access to dev resources.

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