Kubernetes deployment in capacity of your choice

Deployment at Datalounges, on-premise or in Public Cloud

Add-on Management, Security and Observability

Get access to the power of Kubernetes. Let Datalounges experts set up and manage your Kubernetes platform and the services your developer teams need to deploy cloud native applications without the hassle of setting up container orchestration. Let Datalounges handle the labor-intensive task of configuring the services in the cloud of your choice.

Customer value

Run Cloud Native applications with confidence

Deploying Kubernetes and running cloud native applications can be complicated. It can be especially complicated in your own IT infrastructure designed for virtual machines.

Datalounges has made it easy and quick for you to get started with containerization. Datalounges Managed Kubernetes Service offering lets you decide where you want to run your Cloud Native applications and Datalounges will advise, plan, deploy and support your Kubernetes infrastructure.

Options for your deployment include the Public Cloud of choice using Datalounges Manage and Secure offering, on-premise Kubernetes deployment as consulting and Tuuli Kubernetes Serverless platform by Datalounges.

How to buy the product

Cost effective Kubernetes clusters

Kubernetes cluster deployment pricing depends on your capacity and use case.

Datalounges Managed Kubernetes is a service offerings that has the following options:

  • Kubernetes capacity in Public Cloud: AWS, Azure and Google + other options
  • Datalounges will set up clusters using the Manage and Secure offering by Datalounges. Cost of capacity in selected Public Cloud and the cost of management layer can be included
  • On-premise deployment is a consulting engagement.
  • Parties agree a statement of work and consulting is charged at an hourly rate.
  • Datalounges Serverless platform is a test stage service offering for customers who have applications with requirements that match this service offering. Contact Datalounges sales to discuss your requirements and evaluate this capacity offering.’

Specialists at sales@datalounges have the right questions for you to get you a monthly subscription price for your Kubernetes cluster.

Please contact sales@datalounges.com for more information


Kubernetes deployments made easy

Datalounges uses the Manage and Secure offering to deploy Managed Kubernetes clusters for you in the Public Clouds you want. Support for various Kubernetes clusters and technologies is vast and can be found here!

Before deployment, you can opt to either have Datalounges maintain deployed clusters from a Datalounges managed Rancher instance or have your own deployment of Rancher which you control.

On-premise deployments are made with the latest supported version of Rancher Kubernetes Engine. Various services such as Ingress controllers, key management, certificate management and others are based on planning decisions and customer requirements.

Datalounges Serverless capacity is a Kubernetes service where you get access to your secured and isolated capacity in a shared cluster. This yields significant cost savings and flexibility benefits but has some limitations for the applications. Please contact Datalounges sales to discuss this offering in more detail.

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