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Enable your business with cloud native platforms

The preferred technology for future digitalization projects is cloud native computing. According to leading analysts, most new digital business solutions are based on cloud native technologies. They enable flexibility, scalability and quick reaction to change – all critical success factors in the digital age. Datalounges’ Cloud Native Platform Services make it easy and safe to provide great developer experiences, build, run, maintain and protect cloud native business applications. Discover how to achieve this!

Secure and manage your cloud native applications

Datalounges Cloud Native Platform adds necessary services to the Kubernetes capacity of your choice. Our platform offers business continuity for your applications, observability across public and private clouds and an improved developer experience. It is delivered as a service with off the cloud capacity and storage. Datalounges’ Cloud Native Platform is the go-to option to empower improved cloud native operations and developer services.

Case studies

Datalounges_HOME_Case study_SLV
The Finnish Nature Photo of the Year competition (Vuoden Luontokuva) is the largest competition of its kind in the Nordics.
Datalounges_HOME_Case study_Keto
KETO Software taps to R4DAR service for compliance and cloud observability Keto Software – the Return On Innovation company is
Datalounges_HOME_Case study_Cloudworks
Cloudworks is a Norwegian based consultancy firm securing the digitalization of companies with Identity Governance, Digital Transformation, and Information Security.Cloudworks
Datalounges_HOME_Case study_Obos
OBOS is the largest housing developer in Norway and one of the largest in Scandinavia. OBOS engages in the development


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