Cloudworks is a Norwegian based consultancy firm securing the digitalization of companies with Identity Governance, Digital Transformation, and Information Security.
Cloudworks are passionate about cloud and IT security, and their philosophy is that technology and information security go hand in hand. This contributes to a knowledge-sharing culture, where they both challenge and help each other in finding the best solutions for their customers.


In an ever-changing IT landscape Cloudworks have a high focus on constantly educate their consultants so they in turn can discuss solutions and technologies confidently with their customers. This process has been formalized and established as “Competency Days” at Cloudworks and are executed at least 4 times each year.
Lately discussions around containers and container technologies have surfaced at customers partly because customer have started to create their own developed applications as containers, and partly because partners of Cloudworks have started to ship their applications containerized.
It was a need to educate the consultants in these topics in an effective and high-level basis.


The solution was to participate in “Containers for people in a hurry” training session created and held by Datalounges. Containers for people in a hurry is a half a day training that allows people who have too much to do to quickly grasp the important concepts of containerization and the possibilities they offer. This training Is especially useful for tech savvy IT management, who need to understand containers better. But also, technology specialists, engineers and architects will get a good jump start for containers and containerization technologies.
Training can be organized as face to face -training in facilities provided by the customer, Datalounges can organize for training facilities or as a virtual event.


The result was an intense 4 hours training where the following topics was covered:

  • Container market update and why is everyone so interested in containers
  • What is a container?
  • What are they good for and why?
  • What is container orchestration?
  • How and where to run your containers?
  • Services and containers
  • What kind of opportunities do containers provide for IT and Business?

The training was recorded, and material shared for those who could not attend or for new consultants at Cloudworks.

Read our blogpost about the training here

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Thumbs up to Datalounges! This was exactly what we were looking for. It was a well-structured training, and it was even time to have our questions answered. Now we have the basis for discussions with our customers and a lot of ideas on how to move forward in this space. 
Olav Østbye, Cloudworks