Containers for people in a hurry -training

According to a Datalounges study in 2020 containers are not just up and coming, but likely to be a valuable part of most infrastructures before end of 2021. Often when developers get to choose, they package software in container form factor. When OPS sets up new tools they certainly are containerized, and software vendor roadmaps are full of microservices and containers. It is getting difficult to avoid running containers.

So – what do YOU need to know to understand containers?

As usual, that depends. In the same Datalounges study ( ) it is obvious that the stretch between the advanced container adopters and late majority has become quite wide. If you are driving a DevOps oriented culture, have containerized your some of your applications and then deployed them across your clouds – you are likely concerned about integrating these new fluid workloads to your infrastructure and looking to further take advantage of that increased agility you have gained. But if you are getting your first containerized workloads from a third party and are not quite sure where to put them – it makes sense to take a breath and consider your options before making a lot of decisions..

If you are now taking that breath – Containers for People in a Hurry -training is for you!

We interviewed dozens or organizations for our study to get in depth understanding of their position and how they got there. Based on this information, it became evident that especially decision makers need a package of information designed for their needs. Technical enough to explain why containers and cloud native need attention, short so that it is possible to execute without extra organizing and covering enough technology topics so that there is enough data to steer you in the right direction.

Containers for people in a hurry is that kind of training. Takes only half a day and designed for tech savvy managers and technical roles (both dev and ops) that must deal with containers.

Have a look at the sample agenda and the Q&A included here. Get started right with containers, get started with Datalounges training.

“The Containers for People in a Hurry training from Datalounges was a great and quick way to get the much needed overview of containers, Kubernetes and container orchestration. We come across these technologies more and more often and need the information to better understand how to work with such technologies. This training provided the much needed foundation for the Konehuone team.”

 Ilari Weide, Sales Director at Konehuone