Upgrade to SUSE Rancher 2.6

Join Datalounges and Rancher in exploring the new functionalities that make Rancher the industry’s leading technology for container orchestrtaion management.


Rancher Virtual Rodeos are free, in-depth online workshops designed to give DevOps and IT teams the hands-on skills they need to deploy and manage Kubernetes everywhere.

The content will be delivered by Rancher’s technical experts and aim to educate anyone interested in learning how to use containers or Kubernetes.

During these virtual hands-on workshops, our technical experts will provide an introduction to Rancher, Docker, and Kubernetes and then walk through the steps for deploying a Kubernetes cluster.

The key topics that will be covered at the Rancher Rodeos include:

  • Docker and Kubernetes Concepts and Architecture
  • Installation and Configuration of Rancher Server
  • Kubernetes Cluster Deployment
  • Application Deployment and Access

The new version of Rancher marks an important milestone for customers using containers and container orchestration infrastructures. This highly anticipated release is a significant enhancement and will enable a productivity leap managing the full lifecycle of hosted Kubernetes clusters.

After your Rancher Rodeo, we recommend you take Rancher for a testdrive with Datalounges. Read more here.

Rancher 2.6 will replace now current 2.5.x family of products, which will run out of maintenance early in 2022

VersionGeberal availabilityEnd of MaintenanceEnd of Life
2.5.x06 Oct 202005 Jan 202205 July 2022
source: https://www.suse.com/lifecycle/

SUSE Rancher 2.6 offers significant advantages over earlier versions and Datalounges recommends Kubernetes users to test Rancher whether if running an older version of Rancher or looking into Kubernetes management platforms.

Datalounges is a SUSE Rancher certified partner with skills and expertise to support or run your ITOps and Kubernetes management. With Datalounges you can

  • Upgrade to new 2.6 version of SUSE Rancher in time, before the end of maintenance and with help from experts
  • Get your own SUSE Rancher managed Kubernetes cluster in Tuuli Kubernetes as-a-service
  • Host SUSE Rancher to manage and protect your Kubernetes capacity in EKS/AKS/GKE or elsewhere and separate the management layer from Kubernetes workloads
  • Move to an enterprise grade Kubernetes platform from self-maintained or end-of-life container orchestration technology
  • Cut cloud native costs with Datalounges namespace-as-a-service

Explore Rancher platforms with these documents and then take it for a testdrive

For more information, get the SUSE Rancher 2.6 technical architecture guide Download

Don’t miss the Kubernetes Buyers Guide. Download your copy of the Kubernetes Buyers Guide and get insight into how the different Kubernetes Management platforms compare.

New Rancher 2.6 delivers Full Lifecycle Management of Hosted Clusters and offers value for customers hosting cloud native workloads in Public Cloud as well as on-premise.

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source: SUSE Rancher Datasheet – https://www.suse.com/products/suse-rancher-2-6/

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