Rancher 2.6 testdrive

Industry’s leading Kubernetes management platform, Rancher, has just got updated to version 2.6. New Rancher has loads of new features leading with

  • Redesign of the SUSE Rancher User Experience for both single and multi-cluster use cases
  • Full lifecycle management for hosted Kubernetes clusters on AWS, Microsoft and Google
  • Strengthened enterprise Security and Compliance posture at any scale

Find out more in Datalounges Upgrade-to-Rancher 2.6 post!

If you are a Rancher user or perhaps just want to look into the new versions functionality, try this Datalounges Rancher Testdrive to get familiar with the new features.

Rancher Testdrive includes a small workspace in Datalounges serverless Kubernetes platform with enough capacity and storage for you to run Rancher 2.6 and take it for a spin.

Your testdrive is planned to last for 3 months with a kick off meeting and closing. You’ll have access to your Datalounges contact and if you want to test complex tasks a Datalounges expert can support you in a consultancy engagement for a discounted hourly rate.

You will be provided with access instructions, capacity and Rancher 2.6 set up and ready to go.

Leave a contact request here, and a Datalounges specialist will be in touch shortly to arrange for your testdrive.