OBOS is the largest housing developer in Norway and one of the largest in Scandinavia. OBOS engages in the development and sale of homes and properties, banking and financial solutions, property management, real estate brokerage and other forms of service production in the housing and property sector.


OBOS started using Docker approximately 5 years ago. This developed into an environment based on Mesos and Marathon. Since then most of the market has moved, or is moving, to Kubernetes and OBOS had decided to do the same.

At the spring of 2020, OBOS had 3 environments for Kubernetes: dev, test, and prod. These Kubernetes environments were built using packages from the open source community. However, while Kubernetes solves a lot of problems with deploying containers, the platform itself is complicated.


The elements of orchestrating containers with Kubernetes are very flexible in the way they can be deployed and at times they are just briefly documented. Even though OBOS had working environments based on Kubernetes, there was a need to have someone verify the environment, see if there were parts missing and suggest a way forward.


Datalounges did a QA of the currently built Kubernetes system, to help OBOS move forward with their Kubernetes environment. This was divided into three parts:

  1. Verification (QA) of current config based on market best practice
  2. Performance tuning. Verify, suggest, changes so performance requirements can be met.
  3. Advisory to suggest other improvements.


The result of the work carried out by Datalounges was a detailed report of the different elements of the OBOS environment. Besides the details the report had conclusions and suggestions to improvement where needed. OBOS found this extremely helpful, or in OBOS own words:

Products / Services which were used in this case

We found the cooperation with Datalounges very professional and valuable. The report gave us the needed assurance on our setup and great ideas on improvement and way forward.
Espen Amundsen, OBOS IT