Frequently Asked Questions


How can I contact Datalounges

Great to hear you want to talk to us. Easiest way is to leave a message here at the chat window with your contact information and we’ll get back to you. You can also check out the CONTACT US are on the bottom of the page.

Thank you for asking, unfortunately we do not share invoicing information publicly. This is due to the phishing and false invoicing attempts. You can get the invoicing information by leaving us a message at the chat window or by getting in touch with Kim or Pekka for Finland and Ivar for Norway

Hosting services have a fixed price list, we are happy to share with you upon request. Just leave your contact info in the chat box, send an email to or get in touch with the people in the CONTACT US section.

Okay, let’s get this fixed asap. Please send a message asap to and leave a message at the chatbox. If it is business hours (8-17) and you are eligible for support, the tech team will get to you shortly. Response time target is 2 hours. 

If you are not eligible for support by Datalounges, we can certainly still help. Fee based support and services can be agreed over the phone and you can get help asap.