Datalounges Support FAQ

This FAQ helps you get information, services and support for Datalounges services and solutions. It includes instructions how to open service requests for your services and how to get more information, quotes or details about Datalounges offerings. Escalation instructions are a little further in the document as well.

Selecting the correct channel for each individual query makes sure your request will get you the help and information you are looking for as quickly as possible.

What is a Support Request

Is something not working as it should, are services not accessible or is something else is not as according to expectations. Please let us know, so that we can get to fixing your services and make sure everything works appropriately.

How do I open a Support Request

Open a service request by sending an email to

Please include in your email 1) the service that is not functioning correctly 2) as detailed a description as possible about the problem 3) your contact information 4) the organization requesting the support.

You will receive a time-stamped confirmation email, which you can then use as a reference when discussing with a Datalounges specialist.

What is an Enhancement Request

Do do you need a new user for your system, or are there changes you’d like to make to your service? Ask for an enhancement.

Some enhancement are included in your services, others are charged as consulting on an hourly basis. Please check with your contact if you are not certain about your contract status.


Are things burning as you read this or is something not progressing the way you expect. Escalation can get you prioritized, provided the criteria is met.

Is your service unavailable? Can your customers or employees not get service? Are you not getting the services you’ve agreed to be entitled to with Datalounges.

Please contact directly Kim Aaltonen at

General queries about products or services

If you are looking for general information about Datalounges products or services, it is recommended you get in touch with the sales contacts at Datalounges, send an email to sales[a] or leave a message at the chat window

Invoicing, or company related information

Please contact directly Kim Aaltonen at, or leave a message at the chat window with your contact information

Hosting or Product Support requests

If your service is not performing appropriately or you are experiencing problems with your service that need Datalounges attention:

Contact us

Please contact your support engineer via phone. Phone support is available during office hours 8-16

Email robots are always online at

We are offering personal support channel also, ask more:

Contact us for more information about support options.